Blue Crew Lacrosse Team Sticker Package

Blue Crew Lacrosse Stick Sticker Package Total Cost

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Cost: $9.99 Per Player
Player Number Player Name QTY Design # Optional Phone
Team Order - 0 Players
Blue Crew  Lacrosse Helmet Logos and Numbers Total Cost
Cost: $8.99 Each player

Enter Player Numbers Enter Between 1 and 35 players

NOTE: Helmet Decals apply best on a dry surface. Do not attempt to apply to a wet surface. To remove simply find a corner and pull off the helmet. Use warm water to remove any adhesive residue left behind. Not recommended to use an adhesive remover on plastic surfaces.

* All orders come with two logos and two numbers for each player.
Helmet Logos - 0 Players
Blue Crew  Lacrosse Car Window Decals Total Cost
Cost: $9.00 Per Each Sticker

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Car Window Stickers Specs

NOTE: Car decal finished size will depend on the dimensions of the logo. Typical finish sizes are approx. 6"x 6". Car decals easily apply to a dry window surface. Apply to window only and not to metals. Easily remove the window sticker by hand and may require an adhesive removal solution to remove residue.
Car Decals - Qty 0
Blue Crew Lacrosse Bag Tag Package Total Cost
Cost: $11.99 Each player

Player Number Player Name
NOTE: Two-sided plastic lacrosse bag tags with a plastic worm loop to attach to your lacrosse bag. Our lacrosse bags are made of a thick, plastic polysterne that is extremely durable.
Bag Tag - 0 Players
Blue Crew Water Bottle Stickers Package Total Cost
Cost: $7.99 Each player

Player Number Player Name
NOTE: Printed on a premium 3mm vinyl decal with adhesive backing for all applications and coated with a sealer to protect the lacrosse water bottle sticker from water and heat in the dishwasher.
Water Bottle Stickers - 0 Players
 Lacrosse Christmas Ornament Package Total Cost
Cost: $10.99 Each player

Player Number Player Name
Christmas Ornament - 0 Players
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