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  • 41 Lacrosse GVSU Lacrosse Oshawa Blue Knights Lacrosse
    91 Carolina Hamilton Huskies Palo Verde Panthers
    Aces Lacrosse Club Harvest Lacrosse Peabody Tanners
    Admiral Farragut Academy Lacrosse Hewlett Bulldogs Pinckney Pirates
    ADVNC Lacrosse Highland Park Lacrosse Port City Storm
    Albright College Lions Hinsdale Central Portsmouth Lacrosse
    Andover Huskies Lacrosse Hooksett Lacrosse Rhode Island Bulldogs
    Annapolis Hawks Hopkinton Lacrosse Roger Williams University Lacrosse
    Apopka LAX Irvine Skyfire Roman Catholic Bishop Lacrosse
    Auburn Braves Kennebec Cannons Rough Riders Lacrosse
    Bartlett Hawks Kentucky Wildcats Club Sacramento Lacrosse Association
    Bay Area Sand Sharks Kings Lacrosse Sandia Prep Lacrosse
    Bedford Cannons Lacrosse Lake Mary Mohicans Lacrosse Santa Clarita Blackhawks
    Belchertown Lacrosse LakeLax Lacrosse Sewanee Tigers
    Bison Lacrosse Club Lakeville Lacrosse Shoreline Sharks
    Blue Crew Lacrosse Lakota East Lacrosse Silvertips Lacrosse
    Brookfield Lacrosse Lakota Youth Lacrosse Skidmore College Lacrosse
    Capital City Cavaliers Loyola Greyhounds South Coast Buzzards
    Charm City Broomball Lynbrook Owls South Forsyth
    Chesapeake Lady Bandits Mansfield Hornets Southington Lacrosse Knights
    Cicero-North Syracuse Northstar Lacrosse Maple Grove Youth Lacrosse St. Bonaventure University Lacrosse
    Colleyville Lacrosse Marcus Whitman Wildcats Lacrosse Stayner Hitmen
    Columbus State University Cougars Marist Lacrosse Stonehill College Skyhawks
    Conifer Lobos Lacrosse Marysville Monarchs Stowe Raiders Lacrosse
    Covenant Lacrosse Mid Valley Youth String King Lacrosse
    Cranston Phoenix Lacrosse Club Middle River Renegades Tabor Seawolves
    Dennis-Yarmouth Lacrosse Mill Creek Lacrosse Tates Creek Lacrosse
    Diablo Scorpion Millburn - Short Hills Lacrosse Team CT Lacrosse Club
    East Brainerd Raptors Mustang Panther Lacrosse Tigers XXVI Lacrosse
    East Brunswick Blackhawks Nashoba Youth Lacrosse Trident Lacrosse
    El Toro Lacrosse National Christian Academy Eagles True Lacrosse - Indiana
    Express Lacrosse New England Twisters True MN
    FCA Lacrosse New Hampshire Tomahawks Valhalla Lacrosse
    Five Flags Knights Lacrosse No Excuse Lacrosse Verona Wildcats
    Fountain City Lacrosse North Oconee Titan Lacrosse Weber Lacrosse
    Freeport Red Ravens North Perth Outlaws West Des Moines Tigers
    Georgia Southern Eagles Novato Nighthawks West Tampa Wolves
    Grandville Lacrosse Oak Mountain Lacrosse Western Albemarle
    Greenwich Youth Lacrosse Ohio Northern University Lacrosse Westview Lacrosse
    Grizz Lacrosse Okemos Chiefs Weymouth Lacrosse
    Guilderland Lady Dutch Lacrosse Old Breed Lacrosse White Plains Tigers
    Guilford Youth Lacrosse Oneida Lacrosse Woodlands Lacrosse

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